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Swindon's Suburbs: A Grand Tour to Unveil the Charms

In the heart of Wiltshire lies a town with a rich industrial heritage and picturesque suburbs – Swindon. Steeped in history and boasting of architectural diversity, Swindon’s many suburbs each have unique character and charm. Let’s embark on a grand tour of these beautiful areas.

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Old Town’s Historical Allure

Perched on top of a hill, Swindon’s Old Town offers a panoramic view of the town’s modern sprawl. Picture this: A walk through its narrow, winding streets, lined with charming Victorian houses and stately Georgian buildings, where time seems to stand still. Yet, in these older structures, maintaining the ornate plasterwork becomes crucial. Wouldn’t the services of plastering repairs in Swindon come in handy here?


Covingham is a peaceful, serene residential neighbourhood in Swindon’s eastern quadrant. It’s parks and green spaces offer a delightful escape, providing a small haven away from the bustling city centre. The local community centre is a hub of activity, hosting numerous social events throughout the year. Friendly and welcoming, Covingham is an ideal place to enjoy a relaxed pace of life in Swindon.

Haydon Wick

Located in the north, Haydon Wick marries natural aesthetics with suburban charm. The Sevenfields Nature Reserve offers sprawling green landscapes and a bounty of wildlife, perfect for leisurely strolls and family outings. The Haydon Centre, a multi-purpose sports facility, serves as a communal hotspot, encouraging healthy living among residents. To maintain the suburb’s beauty, local craftsmen, including Swindon plastering specialists, are often employed for home refurbishments.


Situated in the northwest of Swindon, Moredon offers a harmonious blend of residential and commercial areas. The community centre and local library are key gathering places, hosting various social activities. A particular point of interest is the Heelis, National Trust’s central office, showcasing stunning architectural design well-preserved by regular maintenance, such as plastering repairs.


Nythe, located in eastern Swindon, is known for its close-knit community and diverse architectural styles. Nythe’s attractive mix of amenities and easy access to local schools make it popular among families. A strong community spirit pervades, with residents frequently coming together for neighbourhood events and activities.


Situated near Swindon’s town centre, Rodbourne is rich in industrial history. Home to the STEAM Museum, it serves as a gateway to the town’s railway legacy. Rodbourne Cheney Manor and the nearby McArthurGlen Designer Outlet are popular spots for shopping and leisure, providing a balanced blend of historical and modern living.


Shaw lies west of central Swindon and is known for its friendly, family-oriented community. With Shaw Ridge Leisure Park offering various entertainment options, from cinema to bowling, it’s a vibrant place to live. Shaw’s Forest Park, with its lush greenery, provides a perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts to unwind and relax.

Stratton St Margaret

Stratton St Margaret, sitting on the outskirts of Swindon, is a picturesque village that balances traditional charm with modern conveniences. Its rural character, excellent transport links, and amenities make it a desirable place to settle. It is home to the Stratton St Margaret Parish Council, an organisation deeply invested in community development and heritage preservation.


Wichelstowe, the newest addition to Swindon’s family of suburbs, showcases innovative urban planning. Its canal-side setting provides picturesque views, and the local Waitrose is a flagship store for the company. With residential areas, retail spaces, and public parks all designed to foster a strong sense of community, Wichelstowe represents the future of urban living in Swindon.


Our journey through Swindon’s suburbs has shown how each suburb adds to the town’s unique tapestry. From the historic allure of the Old Town to the architectural blend in of modern Wichelstowe, each area holds its charm and significance.